Best Selling Vodka in the world

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The name of best selling vodka derives from the Slavic word “water” as the diminutive Russian.

smirnoff vodkaVodka whiskey, usually colorless, distilled grain or potatoes. The name of best selling vodka derives from the Slavic word “water” as the diminutive Russian. In Ukraine vodka appointed “Horilka” and the research of European experts from Russia, Sweden and Finland, the Ukrainian vodka or horilka currently has the best quality and best selling vodka in the world.

In addition to minor amounts of additive flavor, vodka is mainly composed only of alcohol (ethanol) and water. The amount of alcohol is between 35% and 70%. The classic Russian vodka is 40% alcohol. This is attributed to the Russian standards which the 1894th was introduced by Alexander III, and after research Dmitri Mendeleyev. Judging by a museum of vodka in St. Petersburg, Mendeleev came to the realization that the perfect percentage 38%. Since they were at the time alcoholic beverages taxed as a percentage of alcohol in them, for ease of calculation, a standard amount of 40%. When the alcohol content is less than, the taste of vodka can be “watery” and larger percentages give the “heavier” vodka. By federal law of the United States, the minimum percentage of alcohol in vodka is 40%, and by European standards – 37.5%.

Absolut vodka

Although mainly vodka drink is consumed as “clean”, without additional ingredients, in Southern Europe and Scandinavia best selling vodka owes its popularity with the growing use in a variety of cocktails such as the Bloody Mary, Martini, etc. Best selling vodka is produced by distillation of any plant rich in starch or sugar. Today, the majority of real grains like corn, rye and wheat. This best selling vodka is considered to be much better than vodka made ​​from other grains. Some types of vodka are made from tomato, soybean, and grape and sometimes even byproducts of oil refining or processing of wood mass. In some countries of central Europe, such as Polish, vodka is made by fermenting and solution of granulated sugar and some salt, and then distilled fermented mixture a few weeks later. Today vodka products are best selling vodka worldwide.

russian vodka beluga

The origin of vodka is not yet completely clarified, but it is assumed that vodka encourages the area of ​​today’s Polish, Ukraine, western Russia and Belarus. The first written record in Poland dates from the 1405th in the Register Sandomirca. In Russia, the first official had written mention of vodka in its modern sense of the decree of Queen Catherine II., 8 June 1751, which regulated the ownership of vodka distilleries. Vodka is now one of the most popular beverages in the world. Rarely saw outside Europe fifties, when its popularity has spread to the New World through the post-war France. By the 1975th selling vodka in the United States surpassed the sale of bourbon whiskey, which has hitherto been the most popular liquor. In the second half of the twentieth century, vodka owed ​​its popularity as it leaves “without breath” (which is false), which is an advertisement claiming “it is impossible to detect the smell of alcohol on her breath.”

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