Popular and well known Brands of Vodka

The Vodka is a distilled beverage. The origins of vodka brands (and its name) is not yet clear, but its authorship is disputed between Russia and Poland. With the exception of negligible amounts of seasonings, consists solely of water and ethanol. Many brands of vodka are generally produced through the fermentation of grains and other plant rich in starch, such as rye, wheat, or potato. Normally vodka alcohol content is between 37% and 50% volume, the vodka Lithuanian, Russian and Polish classic contain 40 percent alcohol.

Vodka brands

In Russia called vodka not only the compound of ethanol and water, but also many fruit liqueurs and liquors flavored cereal to non-distillate called “whiskey”. Vodka, in the Russian context, is a generic word, like the English “spirit”, used to designate any distillate brands of vodka. Russians never got a spirit that proves attractive because of their occurring substances, as did the Scots with barley-leading whiskey-and French with wine spirits of the Charente and Armagnac, the Mexican tequila, or the Peruvians with Pisco, but got something less interesting: tasteless distillate composed only alcohol and water.

Brands of Vodka

We discuss whether the Russians or the Poles who first produced it. The intention, apparently, was to get an alcohol concentration so high that the product could not easily frozen, because that alcohol freezes at lower temperatures than water, but it is in Russia, where the production of vodka first obtained its scientific base through research – Dmitriy famous Russian chemist Mendeleev, who established that the best alcoholic for vodka is 40 degrees, and as a demonstration of its scientific model, Mendeleev created the Moskovskaya vodka formula, which remains in the history of vodkas as vodka model. The Stolichnaya and Moskovskaya formulas are part of the National Treasury of Russia. It is nice with orange juice with any other juice or any non-alcoholic beverage, as the tonic or coke. It is the base for many cocktails have totally neutral flavor. Brands of vodka serve much better than Marc, who always drags the flavor of brands of vodka to make homemade liqueurs, by macerating fruit. Not tired. It lacks the toxicities of spirits based on the still, anxious not to lose the flavor of the raw material. Supports successive distillations to achieve desired.

Vodka brand

Before the arrival of the vodka as understood now-H2O + CH3-CH2OH, i.e. water and ethanol could not be induced flavor-mint, juniper, etc. – A pure alcohol and taste. They had to induce a brandy; a distillation imperfect flavor of matter came from. The ideal of the alchemists was completely isolate alcohol, even water. Vodka is pure alcohol and alcohol-water, but not absolute alcohol: alcohol without even water only. Absolute alcohol is expensive to obtain and only managed to get well into the twentieth century. There are many brands of vodka, but the most famous is called Absolut vodka, very suggestive as a product, but has a 60% water, because the laws do not usually allow the retail sale of an alcoholic strength above 40 or 43 degrees.

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