Calories in Vodka as a source of energy

The amount of calories in vodka is 235 kcal per 100 grams. The energy intake of 100 grams of vodka is approximately 8% of the recommended daily amount of calories in vodka you need a middle-aged adult of average height and perform moderate physical activity.

Calories in Vodka

The calories in vodka, which belongs to the category of alcoholic beverages, give our bodies the energy it needs to perform daily activities. Our body uses the calories in vodka as a source of energy to perform any physical activity such as running or playing sports. No calories in vodka as those provided by the vodka, we would not have power but it is important to note that excess calories can cause overweight.

A glass worth, two can wreak havoc … And not only to health but also to the line, and that alcoholic beverages are particularly energy. Explanations and tips below about calories in vodka are mentioned.

Calories Vodka

Energy well hid… Cider, beer, wine, liquor … Alcoholic beverages is obtained either by fermentation of the natural sugars in fruit juice or cereal, or by distilling fermented beverages the same. All contain alcohol and sugars, and are therefore energy. If we consider that 1 g of alcohol = 7 kcal and 1 g of carbohydrate = 4 calories, look how far you can raise energy addiction!

vodka calories

To find the alcohol content of a drink, you have to have the degree and volume of the vessel: amount of alcohol in grams = (degree of alcohol X 0.8 X volume cl) / 10. Thus, a 15° wine contains 12 g of ethanol per 100 ml. For sugar, although not visibly shown on the label, is readily detectable by the taste of the drink: its presence is noted that the product taste is sweet. Thus, they take energy palm cocktails, combining strong alcohol with fruit juice and sugary sodas. Alcoholic beverages are not only energy: in the body, the calories that are not used to provide physical exertion, or for reflection or for the maintenance of body temperature. Actually, they are oxidized, i.e. consumed, but reinforce storage, particularly fatty and sugary foods. On the other hand, alcohol “called” consumption of foods like cheese with wine or appetizer crackers. A catastrophe for the line! Remedy put these tips to lose calories in vodka. Unlike proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, alcohol is not biologically essential for the body: we can live without.

Calorie Vodka

Consumed in excess, promotes numerous health problems (cirrhosis of the liver, nervous and psychiatric problems, cancer …) raise social problems (traffic or occupational accident) and, in pregnant women, seriously harms the developing fetus. Regarding the reduction of risk of cardiovascular disease as suggested by some studies, only observed in weak consumption, less than the equivalent of 2 glasses of wine a day. There is no argument to justify the recommendation of alcohol consumption for those who do not consume.

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