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How best Vodka Brands become so popular?

Vodka is one of the most popular beverages in the world. By the mid-twentieth century rarely saw outside of Eastern Europe, but the 1975th The U.S. has become more popular than bourbon, before that, as the most popular beverage of Americans. Today vodka makes up a third of the total consumption of alcoholic beverages in the U.S., and the leading best vodka brands Smirnoff and Absolut. On the other hand, in Russia, Ukraine and Poland, about 70 percent of all alcohol a person drinks are going to vodka, but vodka is produced by small, local distilleries, rather than as the best vodka brands.

The best Vodka Brands

It is believed that best vodka brands have become so popular because it leaves no odor, although it is more likely the reason for its neutral taste suitable for mixing with a variety of drinks. Vodka is the most consumed spirit in the world and a popular ingredient for drinks and all types combined best vodka brands. Continue reading

Popular Vodka Brands

Vodka is whiskey, usually colorless, distilled grain or potatoes. Some types of vodka brands are made from tomato, molasses, soybeans, grapes, and sometimes even byproducts of oil refining or processing of wood mass.

Vodka brands

The name comes from the Slavic word “water” as the diminutive Russian vodka brands. In addition to minor amounts of additives taste vodka mainly consists only of alcohol (ethanol) and water. The amount of alcohol is moving in the range of 35% to 70%. The classic Russian vodka brands are made of 40% alcohol. Continue reading

Top Vodka Brands all over the world

Besides being a symbol of Russian culture, which is generally known facts, and an indispensable part of the popular martini, when it comes to top vodka brands, it is less known that vodka drink that was first produced in the 15th century as an analgesic and antiseptic. The name is derived from the Russian word water. Only later came to be used as drinking water.

Top vodka brands

According to the classic recipe of top vodka brands, it is made of fermented soup mixture milled wheat or rye (meaning the action of yeast sugar from the grain is converted into alcohol), which is then distilled (heated until the alcohol evaporates and condenses). To improve the flavor added to the variety of flavors of citrus and this created some famous brands of vodka production; top vodka brands use these tricks. Continue reading