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How best Vodka Brands become so popular?

Vodka is one of the most popular beverages in the world. By the mid-twentieth century rarely saw outside of Eastern Europe, but the 1975th The U.S. has become more popular than bourbon, before that, as the most popular beverage of Americans. Today vodka makes up a third of the total consumption of alcoholic beverages in the U.S., and the leading best vodka brands Smirnoff and Absolut. On the other hand, in Russia, Ukraine and Poland, about 70 percent of all alcohol a person drinks are going to vodka, but vodka is produced by small, local distilleries, rather than as the best vodka brands.

The best Vodka Brands

It is believed that best vodka brands have become so popular because it leaves no odor, although it is more likely the reason for its neutral taste suitable for mixing with a variety of drinks. Vodka is the most consumed spirit in the world and a popular ingredient for drinks and all types combined best vodka brands. Continue reading

Expensive Vodka Cocktails from Poland and Russia

Genuine Vodka is a distilled spirit made ​​from barley, malt, originates from Poland and Russia, which, if legitimate, is expensive, but like the taste of vodka is eclipsed when mixed to obtain, for example, a ‘screwdriver’, it is unwise and economical to use for cocktails nothing else than vodka current “Vodka martini, shaken not stirred”, the famous words of James Bond, you’ve probably already heard. How to make James Bond’s favorite vodka cocktails? For that you need a cocktail vermouth, vodka and ice.

Vodka cocktails Continue reading