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10 most popular vodkas

Vodka is an alcoholic beverage known for exceptional quality that is loved and enjoyed by millions of people around the world. There are hundreds of brands of vodka and cocktail recipes, one of Russia’s best top quality-the witches called “The Queen of Liquor”. Over 3000 Russian vodka brands available in the market today! Indeed, one of the most popular vodka is the Black Russian, made with popular vodka and coffee liqueur drink, very popular around the world. The popular vodka, increasingly, is positioning itself as a distinguished and distinctive drink. A revival of this distillate, typical of cold climate countries, which is behind the gin and stay vocation. If you like fruity alcoholic drinks at the right place. Here are a few quick and easy ways to combine vodka with fruit juices and make a drink for every taste. It is now up to you to choose the one that suits you, your friend or family.

Vodka brand

We wanted to offer you the top 10 most visited vodkas our publication, to give you an idea of ​​what succeeds and is sought. Most vodka is widely known brands, with production of million bottles a year worldwide. Preparation of solution: converting the grains are ground into flour, water is added and the mixture is made under pressure. During operation, the starch in the grains is converted into a mass of gel and then sugar which, under the effect of the yeast, is transformed into alcohol during fermentation. Fermentation takes about 40 hours and produces a fairly strong drink (about 90%) which is detailed, with this high amount of alcohol is guaranteed pure vodka produced. Continue reading

Best Selling Vodka in the world

smirnoff vodkaVodka whiskey, usually colorless, distilled grain or potatoes. The name of best selling vodka derives from the Slavic word “water” as the diminutive Russian. In Ukraine vodka appointed “Horilka” and the research of European experts from Russia, Sweden and Finland, the Ukrainian vodka or horilka currently has the best quality and best selling vodka in the world.

In addition to minor amounts of additive flavor, vodka is mainly composed only of alcohol (ethanol) and water. The amount of alcohol is between 35% and 70%. The classic Russian vodka is 40% alcohol. This is attributed to the Russian standards which the 1894th was introduced by Alexander III, and after research Dmitri Mendeleyev. Judging by a museum of vodka in St. Petersburg, Mendeleev came to the realization that the perfect percentage 38%. Since they were at the time alcoholic beverages taxed as a percentage of alcohol in them, for ease of calculation, a standard amount of 40%. When the alcohol content is less than, the taste of vodka can be “watery” and larger percentages give the “heavier” vodka. By federal law of the United States, the minimum percentage of alcohol in vodka is 40%, and by European standards – 37.5%. Continue reading

Flavored Vodka

Every year in the world sells more than 90 million liters of Absolut flavored vodka. This Absolut flavored vodka makes it one of the best selling spirits in the world. Every day produces over 500,000 bottles of Absolut vodka. Every drop of Absolut vodka comes from a single source, of Ahus in southern Sweden which guarantees premium quality of Absolut vodka, regardless of whether it is consumed in New York or in Paris.

poppin flavors vodka

Absolut flavored vodka is made from winter wheat and pure spring water from the spring which is owned distilleries. The production of flavored vodka is done using 100% natural ingredients, with no added sugar. Continuous distillation results in a vodka that is very drinkable – Absolut flavored vodka is distilled literally hundreds of times. Due to the exceptional ability of mixing with other drinks, Absolut vodka is a perfect basis for creative mixing drinks. According to Advertising Age, one of the greatest authorities in the field of marketing and media marketing campaign for Absolut flavored vodka was named one of the 10 best campaigns in the 20th century. Continue reading

Learn How To Drink Vodka

Nuvo Vodka is marketed as sparkling liquor. It’s actually a fortified wine, or a wine which is added a distilled beverage, such as brandy. Unlike liquor, this does not occur by distillation, but by adding alcohol to a single wine. It is a liquor which has a flavor of herbs, fruits, spices, nuts, flowers cream, adding sugar and bottled. The liquor is usually not aged for long but if you have some downtime to arouse your flavors. Read more if you want to learn how to drink vodka.

how to drink vodka

Nuvo Vodka is produced in Paris, France. It was created by Raphael Yakoby, and initially was a product aimed primarily at women. According to him, female consumers are the most important sector for this luxury brand. Market studies have shown that most women enjoy strong drinks with fruit flavors. Nuvo Vodka creator noted that women have a much sweeter taste. A woman like drinking alcohol, but who becomes so pronounced taste like whiskey or vodka. How to drink vodka? Continue reading