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The Russians say that Russian Vodka should be simple drink a gulp and very cold.

Well Known Russian Vodka

For those who have been saved from this financial crisis (which I doubt they are many) and can still afford to live a life full of money to spend on those who wish, and there is a product that may be having on the look. It’s new vodka that will be released and will cost the hilarious sum of 1 million Euros. It becomes the world’s most expensive vodka and history and you can get from 19 April in Top Marques Monaco. Russian Vodka is the name of this vodka that was created by Russo Baltique collaboration with Princess Regina Abdurazakova of Kazakhstan.

Russian Vodka

Who are ready to enjoy this vodka is the Prince Albert and will be honored with the first bottle, and it is he who can say what the particular flavor that makes vodka worth 1 million Euros. If this vodka not convinced, or want to spend a little less, but equally outlandish sums can try Russian Vodka, which is full of diamonds up to 1 carat each in an amount of nearly 100 diamonds per bottle. But is the Diva Vodka 1 million, which is filtered through Nordic birch charcoal and then passed through a sand made ​​of crushed diamonds and gems premium flavors. A world of vodka that is not at all economical and is only intended for those with deep pockets and a desire to spend it on something.

Russky Lyod

In the Top Marques car show next April, an event in Monaco dedicated to luxury cars, the expectation not the last Bugatti or Bentley, but a bottle of vodka, the most expensive that has been put up for sale in history. Russian car manufacturer Russian Vodka has decided to create the most select and exclusive vodka in the world and donate a bottle to Prince Albert of Monaco. The remainder of this limited edition will go on sale at a price that almost seems like a joke: one million euros. The bottle is made of gold and silver but hardly justifies the price. Neither the content, although it is a unique vodka, produced by the car brand and Princess Regina Abdurazakova of Kazakhstan. Will you pay someone such a whim? It is not the first time a bottle of alcohol reaches astronomical prices but usually these limited editions or unique pieces are a way to justify a donation to a specific cause millionaire. Russian Vodka, however, aims to “attract Russian royalty, or whatever resembles these days-, tycoons and big fortunes.”

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So far two brands vying for the title of world’s most expensive vodka. Diamond Vodka, a drink filtered before bottling by hundreds of small diamonds, according to its leaders, resulting in pure liquid, is the first one. We must have faith in the process because there is little evidence that this wonderful filter or whether the promised benefits. The second is excellent Russian vodka, Kauffman, which can reach a price of more than 200 euros per liter in some of its limited editions. It is far, far away, madness Russian Vodka liquid. The hangover promises to be painful. There are several types of vodka, basically being classified as:

West – press the purity and clarity, having a neutral aroma and taste of alcohol combined with clean softness. Production techniques led to vodka with minimal amounts of waste and aromatic flavor;

Polish – is characterized by purity, but creates a vodka flavor and aroma more pronounced. It has a mild sweet aroma and mild taste, where the sweet taste takes to disappear. Are slightly oily;

Russian Vodka – drinks very smooth and pleasant tangy flavor, characterized by a burning sensation after ingested.

russian vodka brands

Russian Vodka is most commonly consumed in countries with very cold weather in Eastern Europe, including Russia, Belarus, Poland, Ukraine and the Nordic countries. Despite being consumed straight in countries where it is most popular vodka in the world is consumed in mixtures with other beverages such as fruit juices or soft drinks. Vodka has become very popular around the world from the 70s, when several bartenders began to replace the traditional liquor vodka in preparing cocktails. Currently is essential in any bar. The vodka should be served as an appetizer with smoked salmon or caviar as digestive serving it very cold in small glasses or cup type test. The Russians say that Russian Vodka should be simple drink a gulp and very cold. In Brazil and other countries, the consumption of vodka with energy drinks, although contraindicated due to the risk of increased blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia and other serious health problems, turned craze, especially among young frequenter of nightclubs by throughout the country, which are sold as traditional “combos” that offer the customer a bottle of vodka combined with a number of cans of energy in Russian Vodka.

Red Star Vodka

Russian Vodka is usually sold in bottles. In Russia there is vodka in addition to the usual 0.5-liter bottles very often in small bottles with 0.25 liters. Also there are small jars with disposable closure. A long-time Russia had plastic cups with 0.1 l capacity, but this disappeared from the market, since the alcohol dissolved contaminants from the plastic. In Germany, 0.7-liter and 1-liter bottles are usually sold, the latter usually wholesalers and duty-free shops. Vodka is usually consumed in Russia and in Poland as part of a long meal. Most are many small cold or hot foods, such as pickled mushrooms, pickles, meatballs, mashed potatoes, rye bread , butter and sour (not sweet) fruit, etc. spread over a table, and everyone eats something while in between some vodka is drunk.

Great popularity of Vodka Drinks

The customs for drinking vodka drinks differ from place of consumption. In the Baltics and Eastern Europe, the drink is taken alone and without mixing, pouring into chilled glasses and often accompanied by food.

The vodka drinks are produced worldwide today, despite remaining in history as the typical drink coaster. There are many U.S., and even Japan, Suntory. Vodka drinks enjoy great popularity and prestige in the Scandinavian countries, with Sweden’s Absolut, Finland Finnish and Ukrainian Nemiroff, for many prestigious brands of vodka tasters. Note is the difference between the Russian vodkas, and the rest of the world vodka drinks. Only in Russia the vodka is produced from “living water”, spring water and distilled, and the mixture is then purified several times. In all other countries the vodka is produced from distilled water.

Vodka Drinks

Many people often mix vodka with different fruit juices (cranberry or orange mostly), to give a different flavor with a hint of alcohol, such as flavored vodkas. The vodka produced in Russia generally contains 40% alcohol and they produce in Poland reaches 45 ° of alcohol content. Currently the typical graduation is between 37.5% and 42% in ordinary vodkas (up to 70% on some Russian specialties), so that their caloric intake the body per 100 g is 315 kcal. The importance of graduation depends mostly is taken alone or mixed with other liquids.

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The customs for drinking vodka drinks differ from place of consumption. In the Baltics and Eastern Europe, the drink is taken alone and without mixing, pouring into chilled glasses and often accompanied by food. In Western countries is mainly used in combination, although the rise of vodka called “premium” makes it increasingly more often consumes vodka alone. Originally this beverage production was achieved after local agricultural products cheaper and more abundant, such as wheat, corn, potatoes, or combinations of any of these.


The process consisted of a simple and rapid filtration of the fermentation of these using a filter based on charcoal rather than an expensive and lengthy process of distillation. Purified liquid was then reduced without stale, to be stabilized by adding distilled water and then bottled. The result of this development cycle is a colorless and odorless with high alcohol content.

How best Vodka Brands become so popular?

Vodka is one of the most popular beverages in the world. By the mid-twentieth century rarely saw outside of Eastern Europe, but the 1975th The U.S. has become more popular than bourbon, before that, as the most popular beverage of Americans. Today vodka makes up a third of the total consumption of alcoholic beverages in the U.S., and the leading best vodka brands Smirnoff and Absolut. On the other hand, in Russia, Ukraine and Poland, about 70 percent of all alcohol a person drinks are going to vodka, but vodka is produced by small, local distilleries, rather than as the best vodka brands.

The best Vodka Brands

It is believed that best vodka brands have become so popular because it leaves no odor, although it is more likely the reason for its neutral taste suitable for mixing with a variety of drinks. Vodka is the most consumed spirit in the world and a popular ingredient for drinks and all types combined best vodka brands. The most popular and successful and best vodka brands in the world are Smirnoff (Russian-born but the British manufacturer currently owned by Diageo), Absolut, Stolichnaya (property in several countries of the Russian government and the Russian former company SPI in others), Moskovskaya, Russkaya, Yuri Dolgoruky, Sibirskaya in Russia and Sobieski (Poland’s leading second mark in Lithuania, third in France).

Vodka brands

In the first decade of the century has created new trends in vodka when it comes to the best vodka brands: firstly the aforementioned flavoring vodka with different flavors (citrus, various fruits, vanilla, pepper, “bissongrass” chilli etc.). On the other, the emergence of high-end and best vodka brands lead to relatively high prices a new trend in the world of white drink. In this group, Beluga Noble Russian Vodka, Sobieski Estate, Gray Goose, Khortytsa, Level, ELYX Absolut, Stolichnaya Elit, Wyborowa Single Estate, Russian Standard, Russian Standard Platinum and Imperial, Kaufmann, Yuri Dolgoruky, Ciroc, Kettle One, Snow Queen, LOKKA, Xellent, Diva, Jean Marc XO, Oval, Alpha Noble, Purity Vodka, Blat vodka, Rosskov, Villa Clara vodka, vodka Regent, azul8 Laguna…

Vodka brand

Vodka is the first in Russia was known as a guide dough wine and was used for medical purposes. Hlebna wine was an alcoholic drink that is received from the grain, as opposed to grape wine, which was imported and very expensive. Best vodka brands were created in Russia in the Middle Ages, although the Poles claim that they are the first produced under the name goržilka. Anyway, vodka is an alcoholic beverage that is produced from plants rich in starch and sugar, and in most cases these are rye or wheat grain vodka, or potatoes. The best vodka brands can also be used maize, sorghum, molasses, soybean, grape, rice or sugar, but is known to be high-quality vodka produced from rye, wheat or potatoes.


Vodka is still not internationally standardized drinks, although they maintain a certain tacit rules. And it all began in Moscow, where in the mid-sixteenth century, Czar Ivan the Terrible opened the first imperial Kabak, pub / distillery where they could be bought and drink different types of alcoholic beverages, and food is not served. The Kabaka are usually going emperors’ people, guards, soldiers used. This business has been very profitable for the state, and the production of vodka was in the hands of state distilleries and distillery owned by the aristocracy. However, in parallel with the high-quality vodka, vodka began baking and home industries. This vodka is called samogon, distills three times, added with water and various herbs, and then baked such a fourth time. There were those hosts who were making the vodka tastes whose names began with the letters of the Russian alphabet. Cherry, pear, blackberry, acorns, cumin, dill, sage, various kinds of berries and roots were used for vodka.