Expensive Vodka and cocktails

The flavored expensive vodka segment remains the only in the alcohol market, after the global financial crisis is gaining momentum.

The world’s crisp vodka, the V2 – Dutch V2 Vodka contains alcohol strong and energetic. However, V2 is distinguished from the usual mixture of expensive vodka and Redbull by the absence of colorants, preservatives and sugar. The drink is made from the best varieties of wheat and the purest water and it is then mixed with a cocktail of caffeine and taurine. The manufacturers claim that this expensive vodka is very crisp and better than a cup of strong coffee.

v2 vodka

The world’s strongest vodka, the Pincer Shanghai Strength – The Scottish vodka Pincer Shanghai Strength is 88.8 degrees. The Scots surprised the world by creating expensive vodka with unprecedented force. A century of experience in the purification of alcohol is what this expensive vodka has. The water from the mountains of Scotland, selected seeds and thistle extract add softness to vodka, despite its high degree. The main market for this expensive vodka is China, explains the nature of the number “8″ in the Asian giant: is traditionally considered to be one of the happiest and therefore containing vodka August 3 only bring good luck.

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The mulberry vodka and hibiscus flowers, Chambord – The Chambord vodka brand is very popular in France. The drink is produced on the basis of the country purest water, wheat, hibiscus flowers and berries, and is used in the production of numerous cocktails. The flavored expensive vodka segment remains the only in the alcohol market, after the global financial crisis is gaining momentum.

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Iceberg Vodka, Iceberg – Canadian Iceberg the drink is produced from pure water that is in the Valley of the Icebergs near the island of Newfoundland. Since 1994, the sailor of the island pieces of icebergs has delivered several tons (averaging 12,000 years old and up to 10 tons in weight) the place of production of vodka where melt water combine with grain alcohol subjected to triple distillation. The manufacturers claim that vodka is the purest in the world, because the ice that used to make it was formed 12,000 years ago and the only pollution suffered volcanic dust was easily filtered. In the Iceberg website you can see a video and photos of how the fragments are delivered Newfoundland icebergs.

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Sparkling Vodka O2 – O2 Sparkling Vodka is very popular now. The drink was made by Philip Maitland who states that the celebration of the new millennium in Paris inspired him to create these kinds of vodka: watching their friends drank champagne. A Maitland, who prefers vodka, came up with the idea of ​​combining these two beverages. The development of this technology only took two years, after which the manufacturer patented his invention. O2 Sparkling Vodka is produced on the basis of the best varieties of English wheat, the purest water and passed through a triple distillation. O2 is believed that it is easier to drink, and enjoy if consumed in moderation. Today is no longer the only sparkling vodka in the world, is also manufactured in Lithuania and Sweden.

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