Flavored Vodka

Every year in the world sells more than 90 million liters of Absolut flavored vodka. This Absolut flavored vodka makes it one of the best selling spirits in the world. Every day produces over 500,000 bottles of Absolut vodka. Every drop of Absolut vodka comes from a single source, of Ahus in southern Sweden which guarantees premium quality of Absolut vodka, regardless of whether it is consumed in New York or in Paris.

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Absolut flavored vodka is made from winter wheat and pure spring water from the spring which is owned distilleries. The production of flavored vodka is done using 100% natural ingredients, with no added sugar. Continuous distillation results in a vodka that is very drinkable – Absolut flavored vodka is distilled literally hundreds of times. Due to the exceptional ability of mixing with other drinks, Absolut vodka is a perfect basis for creative mixing drinks. According to Advertising Age, one of the greatest authorities in the field of marketing and media marketing campaign for Absolut flavored vodka was named one of the 10 best campaigns in the 20th century.

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Smirnoff vodka is distilled three times, which ensures the purity and taste neutrality. It follows a filtering process that makes the difference between ordinary and premium vodka – every drop to at least 8 hours of filtration with a special charcoal from silver birch process of ten phases. Smirnoff vodka cocktail started a revolution of the 60s in America that popularized drinks such as Moskva Mule, Vodka Martini, a screwdriver and a Bloody Mary. Puschkin vodka is very popular among younger consumers, due to its light taste and low alcohol content.

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The range Puschkin vodka in our market there are two attractive vodkas with flavors: Puschkin Black Sun, flavored with blackberries and Puschkin Red, with a sour sweet taste of blood oranges. Due to the great taste, Puschkin Black Sun and Red can be consumed as clean or used in a large variety of cocktails. Authentic Polish vodka solid quality and affordable prices produced in Poland, according to a tradition that dates back to the 16th century, Luksusowe was no vodka production company. 14 in the world by sales and has won numerous international awards for quality, and is characterized by high purity and a rich, smooth taste. Wyborowa vodka is native Polish, the country in which the vodka was born, there was in Poznan back 1823rd years and is the oldest registered international vodka brand.

Flavored Vodka

The production Wyborowa vodka used high quality of Polish rye, which gives this vodka sweet flavor and creamy texture. Every hour produced the 5000 Bocca Wyborowa vodka. Wyborowa Exquisite is super-premium vodka in Wyborowa range, in whose preparation used the finest rye and water from the cleanest sources to a depth of 200m. Unique manufacturing process, to express character and attractive bottle designed by Frank Gehry, the renowned architect, features are Wyborowa Exquisite vodka.

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