Learn How To Drink Vodka

It is necessary to learn how to drink vodka. Here are some tips and useful info.

Nuvo Vodka is marketed as sparkling liquor. It’s actually a fortified wine, or a wine which is added a distilled beverage, such as brandy. Unlike liquor, this does not occur by distillation, but by adding alcohol to a single wine. It is a liquor which has a flavor of herbs, fruits, spices, nuts, flowers cream, adding sugar and bottled. The liquor is usually not aged for long but if you have some downtime to arouse your flavors. Read more if you want to learn how to drink vodka.

how to drink vodka

Nuvo Vodka is produced in Paris, France. It was created by Raphael Yakoby, and initially was a product aimed primarily at women. According to him, female consumers are the most important sector for this luxury brand. Market studies have shown that most women enjoy strong drinks with fruit flavors. Nuvo Vodka creator noted that women have a much sweeter taste. A woman like drinking alcohol, but who becomes so pronounced taste like whiskey or vodka. How to drink vodka?

Vodka Pleasure

There are two variants of Vodka Nuvo, Classic and Lemon Sorbet, the latter being the more popular of the two. Nuvo Lemon Sorbet Vodka contains 25% alcohol. And highlighted by a sparkling refreshing flavor mixed with a pleasant lemon flavor. It feels crisp, sweet, bitter, cold yet refreshing. It comes in a yellow color, and is also an excellent choice for sharing in a social gathering or friends.

The Vodka Nuvo is a sparkling liquor appeals to both fashion freaks as traditionalists. It consists mainly of French vodka, which white wine is added and mixed gently with fruit nectar. Nuvo Vodka can delight the palate of any individual. The ice beverage takes simple, or as a mixture of many cocktails. But it is necessary to learn how to drink vodka. Read more of this article to learn how to drink vodka.


This frothy drink bottle can be found in three popular measures 750ml, 375ml and 200ml and is available in virtually all liquor stores. Nuvo Vodka pleased not only as a beverage, but its presence can dazzle and add a touch of elegance and modernity to the decor of any social event. Nuvo Vodka has become very popular not only among the most humble, but also among the celebrities. His promotion has been driven since the drink appeared in music videos of hip-hop stars like T-Pain, Jamie Foxx, Keri Hilson and Flo-Rida. And also in videos Latin musicians such as Omega, Paulina Rubio, Wisin y Yandel, Aventura and Jenni Rivera. Nuvo Vodka is a great choice for any occasion from class, but also to learn how to drink vodka.

how to drink vodka

Yes, Swiss, you read that right, this land famous worldwide for its cheeses, chocolates and watches, has been put distill vodka and vodka often … The quality of rye used in its preparation and its unique manufacturing process, which includes three special distillates (high quality stills and exclusive methods purified and filtered), vodka Xellent become a benchmark in high-end vodkas to learn how to drink vodka.

Xellent vodka bottle clearly evokes a status and standard of Swiss Premium. How to drink vodka? The combination of red glass and aluminum cap a touch of distinction and personality. On the nose, the sweet notes Vodka Xellent offers similar to refined sugar and cherry memories. In the mouth, has a long road. While entry stands syrupy sweet notes, slowly begins to release new shades of white fruits and spicy aromas while opening. Stresses the perfect feeling generated by integrating the alcoholic. The finish is long, too long for vodka and leaves very pleasurable sensations, reminding of rums, whiskeys and tequilas. Vodka to discover and enjoy, alone or with ice in a cocktail or even combined.

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