Popular Vodka Brands

Vodka is whiskey, usually colorless, distilled grain or potatoes. Some types of vodka brands are made from tomato, molasses, soybeans, grapes, and sometimes even byproducts of oil refining or processing of wood mass.

Vodka brands

The name comes from the Slavic word “water” as the diminutive Russian vodka brands. In addition to minor amounts of additives taste vodka mainly consists only of alcohol (ethanol) and water. The amount of alcohol is moving in the range of 35% to 70%. The classic Russian vodka brands are made of 40% alcohol.

Brands of vodkaThis is attributed to the Russian standards which the 1894 was introduced by Alexander III, and after research Dmitri Mendeleyev. According to a museum of vodka in St. Petersburg, Mendeleev came to realize that the perfect percentage of 38%, but since they were at the time alcoholic beverages taxed by the percentage of alcohol in the them, in order to facilitate budget is determined by the standard of 40%. When the alcohol content is less than, the taste of vodka brands can be “watery” and larger percentages give the “heavier” vodka. By federal law of the United States, the minimum percentage of alcohol in vodka is 40%, and by European standards – 37.5%.

Although mainly vodka drink pure, without any additional ingredients and beverages, in Eastern Europe and the Scandinavian countries, in other countries, owes its popularity to the growing use in a variety of cocktails. Vodka is mainly fermented grain and potatoes stoves. The beverage by an almost neutral taste, flavors or other fermented substances (except alcohol) characterized. Vodka can be used as clean drinking or mixed drinks. Broodwyn was an alcoholic beverage grain stove so that “vodka of broodwyn” as a diluted drink can be made ​​from distilled grain alcohol. People in the alleged area of ​​origin of vodka use a range of other names for this famous drink.

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