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Learn How To Drink Vodka

Nuvo Vodka is marketed as sparkling liquor. It’s actually a fortified wine, or a wine which is added a distilled beverage, such as brandy. Unlike liquor, this does not occur by distillation, but by adding alcohol to a single wine. It is a liquor which has a flavor of herbs, fruits, spices, nuts, flowers cream, adding sugar and bottled. The liquor is usually not aged for long but if you have some downtime to arouse your flavors. Read more if you want to learn how to drink vodka.

how to drink vodka

Nuvo Vodka is produced in Paris, France. It was created by Raphael Yakoby, and initially was a product aimed primarily at women. According to him, female consumers are the most important sector for this luxury brand. Market studies have shown that most women enjoy strong drinks with fruit flavors. Nuvo Vodka creator noted that women have a much sweeter taste. A woman like drinking alcohol, but who becomes so pronounced taste like whiskey or vodka. How to drink vodka? Continue reading