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Luxury Vodka brands and much more

There are many luxury vodka brands on the market but there are a few that stand out mostly because of the bottle design and price.

Kors Vodka is considered to be the most exclusive and also the most expensive.

Kors Luxury Vodka

The black vodka, Blavod – The name derives from the black Blavod vodka established in 1996 by a British marketing expert, Mark Dorman. The idea of the luxury vodka drink came in a bar in San Francisco, where a waiter Dorman served a vodka and tonic and then offered to other customers black coffee or coffee with milk. The invention instantly became a hit with all young people, frequenters of the clubs who pay attention not only to quality, but the appearance of the luxury vodka drink. The black color of the vodka is achieved by the addition of an extract of the Acacia catechu plant, originally from Indonesia, Malaysia, Burma, Malabar Coast, and Jamaica, which has no effect on the taste of the drink, although consumers say this plant adds a special softness of luxury vodka.

Luxury Vodka

The world’s most expensive vodka, DIVA Premium luxury vodka – Starting at about $ 2,053, the world’s most sophisticated and luxury vodka is produced in Scotland. The drink that is subject to mandatory filtering derives its name from Diamond Vodka. Continue reading