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Great popularity of Vodka Drinks

The vodka drinks are produced worldwide today, despite remaining in history as the typical drink coaster. There are many U.S., and even Japan, Suntory. Vodka drinks enjoy great popularity and prestige in the Scandinavian countries, with Sweden’s Absolut, Finland Finnish and Ukrainian Nemiroff, for many prestigious brands of vodka tasters. Note is the difference between the Russian vodkas, and the rest of the world vodka drinks. Only in Russia the vodka is produced from “living water”, spring water and distilled, and the mixture is then purified several times. In all other countries the vodka is produced from distilled water.

Vodka Drinks

Many people often mix vodka with different fruit juices (cranberry or orange mostly), to give a different flavor with a hint of alcohol, such as flavored vodkas. The vodka produced in Russia generally contains 40% alcohol and they produce in Poland reaches 45 ° of alcohol content. Continue reading