10 most popular Vodkas

Vodka is an alcoholic beverage known for exceptional quality that is loved and enjoyed by millions of people around the world. There are hundreds of brands of vodka and cocktail recipes, one of Russia’s best top quality-the witches called “The Queen of Liquor”. Over 3000 Russian vodka brands available in the market today! Indeed, one of the most popular vodka is the Black Russian, made with popular vodka and coffee liqueur drink, very popular around the world. The popular vodka, increasingly, is positioning itself as a distinguished and distinctive drink. A revival of this distillate, typical of cold climate countries, which is behind the gin and stay vocation. If you like fruity alcoholic drinks at the right place. Here are a few quick and easy ways to combine vodka with fruit juices and make a drink for every taste. It is now up to you to choose the one that suits you, your friend or family.

Vodka brand

We wanted to offer you the top 10 most visited vodkas our publication, to give you an idea of ​​what succeeds and is sought. Most vodka is widely known brands, with production of million bottles a year worldwide. Preparation of solution: converting the grains are ground into flour, water is added and the mixture is made under pressure. During operation, the starch in the grains is converted into a mass of gel and then sugar which, under the effect of the yeast, is transformed into alcohol during fermentation. Fermentation takes about 40 hours and produces a fairly strong drink (about 90%) which is detailed, with this high amount of alcohol is guaranteed pure vodka produced.

We present you the 10 most popular vodkas in 2012:

10 Belvedere

Belvedere is a Super Premium Polish vodka outstanding purity, not in vain, is quadruple distilled. It is ranked in our classification, number 10.

9 Grey Goose

The number 9 it’s up to vodka-ups, late 90s, with French nationality. The Grey Goose premium vodka for sure, is made by quintuple distillation column stills.

8 Eristoff

Come to the first of the vodkas from the area of ​​the planet that gave birth to this drink. Russian Premium Vodka Eristoff, gets placed with their triple distilled grain alcohol at number eight on our list.

7 Stolichnaya

At number 7 we found another Russian vodka, Stolichnaya classic, obtained by distillation of alcohol quadruple wheat and rye, are from 1953 and received the name popularly Stoli.

6 Russkaya

Russkaya ranked 6th, traditionally prepared a vodka altogether. This popular vodka is preferred by many, in particular by being distilled from sugar cane molasses.

5 Beluga

russian vodka beluga

The Super Premium Beluga, of Russian origin, is placed mid-table. Distilled from a completely handmade and traditional, Beluga is based on malted wheat grains naturally fermented.

4 Crystal Head

We got to the fourth position with the Canadian Crystal Head vodka. This vodka, which certainly lives up to its name if we observe his bottle, is produced by distillation quadruple corn and wheat.

3 Smirnoff

smirnoff vodka

We arrived at the podium; third place is occupied by a classic among classics. The popular Smirnoff vodka with a lot of history is behind them. In fact, it began producing, nothing more and nothing less, than in 1864.

2 Absolut

Favorite Vodka Brands

Popular vodka is Absolut, known among other things for its amazing designs bottles, placed as runner-up in our rankings of popular vodka.



And the best of the best, the most popular vodka in 2012 is es.Vodkas.net SKYY vodka. This American vodka quadruple distilled and triple filtered, is the preferred and most popular among our audience.

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